Sunday, July 22, 2012

What goes around Comes around

Hey Guys, long time no see right?
I've been busy with so many things like camp and school's orientation for new students.
Well, on the beginning of July, me and my friends went to Makassar (South Sulawesi, Indonesia) to had a camp. We had been waiting for this camp like forever! And when it comes to the day we had to go, we were having so much fun. As we expected, there are so many people joined this camp. They came from many different province in Indonesia. All of them were so nice, made us not wanting to go back to Bali. Haha
And starting last Monday, it's time to go back to school. I know it's so hard to believe that holiday is too fast to end! WE WANT MORE HOLIDAYS! that's what i thought :P

By the way,  I'm joining a giveaway by sheinside. It's free and everyone can join it. So, why not trying it huh? :)


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